The Hanzo fishing swivel consists of two loops of thin wire with a metal barrel in the middle that rotates the wire. Well-matched swivels prevent the line from twisting during fishing, and also allow you to quickly change the float or feeder.

Fishing swivels: what is important to know

The use of a swivel prevents the line from twisting, provides free rotation without much effort, increases reliability when fishing with strong currents and helps to quickly change equipment elements.

Swivels are necessary for spinners, devons, catching with a bombard. Moreover, for bombards and devons, it is advisable to use double, or better triple swivels.

When choosing a swivel, there are several rules to follow:

If fishing is carried out with ordinary tackle, then a swivel resembling a barrel is best suited
If you are fishing on a bottom rig with a strong current, then it is best to use a triple swivel
For spinning fishing it is better to use a frame swivel
The swivel with a snap hook allows you to quickly change the bait or leash. For the same purpose, use a swivel with a fastener. Triple swivels are most often used for feeder rigs.

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