Snap Swivels

The Hanzo swivel (swivel carabiner) is a very handy and important piece of equipment. The swivel does not allow the fishing line to twist, in turn, the fastener allows you to quickly change the bait or feeder.

Fishing swivels: what is important to know

The use of a swivel prevents the line from twisting, provides free rotation without much effort, increases reliability when fishing with strong currents and helps to quickly change equipment elements.

The swivel with a snap hook allows you to quickly change the bait or leash. For the same purpose, use a swivel with a fastener. Triple swivels are most commonly used for feeder rigs.

A carabiner with a fastener is extremely convenient for changing lures, and in a spinning lure it is a very important advantage, because in case of an unsuccessful bite, you need to try a large number of different lures.

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