Single classic

The most popular class of fishing hooks with a wide range of products. In the line of Hanzo single hooks there are both universal models and specific ones - for catching bream and carp, for bottom fishing, models for float and sport fishing.

How to choose a fish hook

The fishing hook is an extremely important part of most rigs. Fishing success will largely depend on the correctness and quality of the selected hook.

Despite the wide range of models, all hooks consist of the following parts: head with an eyelet, forend (the longest part of the hook), prying (bending zone) and a sting.

Fishing hooks differ in several types:

By type of fishing - for fly fishing or jig fishing
By type of fish - perch, carp, catfish, etc.
On site - sea fishing or freshwater
When choosing a hook, it is recommended to take into account the type of bait that will be used when fishing. A well-chosen hook should have the thickness necessary to catch the desired fish. The width of the underwear and the length of the fore-end must correspond to the size of the bait used.

Fishing hooks since 1997


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