Double Hooks

Double hooks are used to catch large fish that can break off or break a single hook when overloaded. An experienced fisherman should have at least one such hook in his arsenal.

When to use a double

Usually double hooks are used for long fishing. The forend of such a hook passes through the gills of the fish, the stings of the hook stick out from the mouth. The main advantage of doubles is camouflage, since when the bait is swallowed, the fish does not feel the product itself. Also, the hook does not injure the catch, allows you to carefully remove and reuse the next time you fish.

Doubles are most often used for jigging, and are more suitable for sluggish fish, since it is such a fish that is easier to swallow this bait.

The most popular way to attach a double to a soft bait is to attach the double to the bottom of the bait, and flatten the points of the hook on the side. It is important to choose the correct hook size. Basically, this option is used with small baits up to 8 cm.

For larger lures, it is better to use a different way of attaching the double. Using the twister as an example, the hook should go over the entire length of the base, so a secure fixation is obtained.

Another reliable attachment method is to insert two doubles into the bait, thus creating a decent alternative to the tee. This mounting is perfect for fishing in clear waters.

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