Robust, ultra-smooth, broad spectrum 8-core PE braided round cord. The increased smoothness of the line improves the glide on the rings and, as a result, increases the casting distance. Has convenient options for winding length - 150 and 200 meters

Size range

Hanzo Pandora Premium X8 0.4 (150m) 0.10mm 6.4kg Palette
Hanzo Pandora Premium X8 0.6 (150m) 0.13mm 7.3kg Palette
Hanzo Pandora Premium X8 0.8 (150m) 0.15mm 8.2kg Palette
Hanzo Pandora Premium X8 1.0 (150m) 0.17mm 9.4kg Palette
Hanzo Pandora Premium X8 1.2 (150m) 0.19mm 11.9kg Palette
Hanzo Pandora Premium X8 1.5 (200m) 0.21mm 13.9kg Palette
Hanzo Pandora Premium X8 2.0 (200m) 0.24mm 15.2kg Palette
Hanzo Pandora Premium X8 2.5 (200m) 0.26mm 16.5kg Palette
Hanzo Pandora Premium X8 3.0 (200m) 0.29mm 18.2kg Palette

An important advantage that anglers love so much is its bright multicolor coloring - five colors, with a color change every 10 meters, with markers in contrasting colors every meter. This color is clearly visible in different lighting conditions and helps to control the wiring and unwinding length. This contributes to its more convenient use for different types of fishing, such as spinning, trolling, feeder.

A wide range of tests from 0.4 Lb to 3.0 Lb and convenient winding length options - 150 and 200 meters will allow you to choose a line for any type of fishing. And the combination of all its main qualities (strength, softness, smoothness, brightness) characteristic of a modern and reliable cord, with an affordable price, makes it profitable and interesting on the market among braided cords in its class.

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