Brand history HANZO begins with 1997. Company Hao Shandong, one of the largest manufacturers of fishing tackle, fishing hooks released under the new brand. The basis is the line taken popularized models of other brands and gradually add new ones. Hooks are a good popularity in the domestic market in 2005 is conversion of the production line, which helps improve product quality and increase production. By 2007, the hooks HANZO widely popular among Korean fishermen in the economy segment. In 2009, again there is a conversion of the production lines and rebranding in order to gain popularity in the European market. In 2010, over 40% of production is exported. Since 2011, begin regular deliveries to the Russian market through authorized distributors and by the start of 2012, there are hooks on the shelves of almost every major fishing stores in Russia. Russian fishermen, as well as Korean and appreciate the quality of hooks similar to the segment and provide positive feedback. In 2013-2014 it is planned to refill line hooks HANZO models in demand in the Russian context.